Crypto arbitrage can triple bitcoin profits

Bitcoin has started 2021 stronger than ever, with a price above $40,000. If you bought BTC at this time last year, you made almost 300% profit. What strategy you can use to triple your bitcoin again is shown in this Sponsored Post.

If you want to triple your Bitcoin again, you can’t just hope for the bull run to continue, because the crypto markets in particular are known for their extreme volatility. A good way to protect the Bitcoin Code money you’ve already earned while increasing your capital is with crypto arbitrage. In doing so, the risks are relatively low.

How risky is crypto-arbitrage?

An arbitrage is considered a comparatively low-risk investment strategy in both crypto and traditional global finance. This is because it exposes capital less to the risks of crypto market volatility. Instead, it exploits temporary price inefficiencies on the exchanges. To illustrate, an example using ArbiSmart, an EU-regulated crypto arbitrage platform.

ArbiSmart has a fully automated system that scans 35 different exchanges simultaneously to find price inefficiencies. If the algorithm finds price differences on different exchanges, it automatically buys the coin at the lowest price and resells it on the trading venue where the price is highest to make a profit. The process is unwound before the market clears and the price differential dissipates. This also works during a bull run, as is currently the case with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

To use the service, one must first register on a platform. In this example, you sign up with ArbiSmart and deposit either fiat or cryptocurrencies and exchange them for RBIS (ArbiSmart’s in-house token). This is needed for crypto-arbitrage trading.

What are the profit potentials?

One feature is the sometimes high returns that this method promises with a relatively low risk. So you could triple your Bitcoin in a relatively short time, regardless of the volatility of the prices. ArbiSmart, for example, promises a guaranteed passive profit of between 10.8 to 45 percent, depending on the amount invested. Detailed information is available here. There are hardly any surprises as the profits are fixed in advance and sudden market changes do not affect your profit. With ArbiSmart, for example, it would look like this: